Where to sell your products other than on Amazon or eBay? – the question has always made me look for alternative sites, just like eBay and Amazon; I usually find some sites, but not even with half as much web traffic; which usually results in hardly any sales at all!

So what’s the best option if you don’t find alternative sites to sell?

Let’s consider making our own platform – after all, if you are already selling on eBay and Amazon, you can divert that web traffic to your very own website!

There are lots of sellers on eBay that never even consider selling online via their own website -(it will only reduce selling costs as you don’t have to pay any eBay fees, so what is preventing you from doing this?

So what is preventing eBay sellers and Amazon Sellers to creating their own website to sell their own products?

Its the technical know-how, on how to create a website, to sell the products! Not only that, but you might  not be aware that you can divert that same web traffic to your own website; and if they do enjoy your product, they will return (depending on the nature of the product of course, but there are many ways to this).

How can you divert traffic from eBay and Amazon to your website?

Here are a few examples, but don’t let this limit your creativity on finding new ways:

- Leaflets about your website sent with the products being shipped from eBay or Amazon

- Incentives offered for their next purchase (e.g a discount price if they purchase directly from your website)

- Offering freebies (that are related to the main product you sell) on your website (e.g instructions of using your product, anything to get your customers to want to use your website)

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