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These are London’s top 100 programmers hand picked by iClickster.com.

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Zach Inglis link
Name Zach Inglis; Location London; Bio Passionate person with big aspirations. Web Designer, UX Designer, Ruby Programmer, Amateur Photographer, Video Gamer.

Nick Lansley link
Name Nick Lansley; Location London; Bio Hello! I’m Nick Lansley and my ‘tweets’ are a collision of the world of technology / programming as Head of R&D Tesco.com, and news from/for the gay community.

Vladimir Roth link
Name Vladimir Roth; Location London; Bio Founder of Qwiboo, 3D graphician, programmer and web-developer in one person :)

Mark Sharp link
Name Mark Sharp; Location London; Bio I’m a linguist (word nerd) come web-developer, come programmer (C#) and I’m always looking for interesting projects – particularly when they involve words.

Kurt Grung link
Name Kurt Grung; Location London; Bio My company @sputn1k, i love programming, japan & computers :)

Dan Miracle link
Name Dan Miracle; Location London; Bio Music Producer, Remixer, Sound Engineer, VJ, Artist, Graphic & Web Designer, Illustrator, Animator, Programmer, Video Editor & Photographer. Basically.

Charlie Fuller link
Name Charlie Fuller; Location London; Bio I make iPhone apps at Rotorware

Vidar Hokstad link
Name Vidar Hokstad; Location London; Bio Technologist with a current fetish for the Ruby programming language and compilers

Glyn Roberts link
Name Glyn Roberts; Location London; Bio London Web developer and in training MMA fighter.

Andy Girvan link
Name Andy Girvan; Location London; Bio Web developer, writer, composer, and Doctor Who fan.

Ben link
Name Ben; Location London; Bio Web developer, writer, composer, and Doctor Who fan.

Kevin S Prince link
Name Kevin S Prince; Location London; Bio Web Developer and BarcampLondon Organiser

Adam Dorman link
Name Chandesh Parekh; Location London; Bio Web services manager for consulting firm. Digital Artist, designer, web developer and purveyor of the finest Flash Clocks

Chandesh Parekh link
Name Chandesh Parekh; Location London; Bio Web Developer & designer and I specialise in PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Social Media Marketing and I’m a dad of one crazy kid!

Ian Pouncey link
Name Ian Pouncey; Location London; Bio Web developer. Accessibility advocate. Pragmatic standardista. Geek.

Nazim Jamil link
Name Nazim Jamil; Location London; Bio Web Developer & Operations Manager for Mad Cow FIlms & John Spary Associates

James Stewart link
Name James Stewart; Location London; Bio Web developer, occasional concert promoter, Londoner, blogger, etc.

Chris Prakoso link
Name Chris Prakoso; Location London; Bio Web Developer, Social Media Addict, Mac Convert, Coffee Drinker, Geek by Day – Superhero by Night

Elliot Theis link
Name Elliot Theis; Location London; Bio Entrepreneur, web designer, web developer, ruby on rails developer, & technology enthusiast (especially Apple!)

Anthony Thomas link
Name Anthony Thomas; Location London; Bio Web Developer and blogger :)

Sebastjan Trepca link
Name Sebastjan Trepca; Location London; Bio cofounder at Ly.st, web developer, productivity and startup enthusiast.

Sara Stephens link
Name Sara Stephens; Location London; Bio Web Developer and Computing Degree Student

Adam Burmister link
Name Adam Burmister; Location London; Bio Nice young man, co-founder of Mojolly.com, web developer (ex-BBC homepage & Xero.com), author of IronRuby in Action.

Hammad link
Name Hammad; Location London; Bio an ambitious web developer who works in PHP and Javascript primarily!

Sam Morrison link
Name Sam Morrison; Location London; Bio Web developer and geek who performs trapeze and rope on the side

Matthew Ford link
Name Matthew Ford; Location London; Bio Co-founder of Bit Zesty – a Ruby on Rails web development consultancy

David J Marland link
Name David J Marland; Location London; Bio I work as a Web Developer for BBC Programmes (opinions are my own and not representative), and occasionally have mini twitter adventures

Kyle Hoback link
Name Kyle Hoback; Location London; Bio Information Systems MSc student at the LSE, web developer from Nebraska, entrepreneur, consultant, Husker fan, White Sox fan

Chris Ford link
Name Chris Ford; Location London; Bio Web developer and software craftsman, often at the same time.

Gilles Ruppert link
Name Gilles Ruppert; Location London; Bio Web developer. Coding JavaScript for BBC iPlayer.

Sally Young link
Name Sally Young; Location London; Bio web developer, lindy hopper, software and drupal fanatic. I use a Mac, I use Android.

Aaron Brown link
Name Aaron Brown; Location London; Bio Web developer, comedy geek, TV lover, Londoner, all-round bore

Ismael Celis link
Name Ismael Celis; Location London; Bio Web Developer at New Bamboo

Francesca Mancuso link
Name Francesca Mancuso; Location London; Bio Web developer. Artist. Hello Kitty Fan. Manga enthusiast. Food lover. Teetotaler. Vegetarian. Afraid of landlords. Hates passwords. Weird. Whatever.

Jake Archibald link
Name Jake Archibald; Location London; Bio Web Developer at the @theteam

Matt Raines link
Name Matt Raines; Location London; Bio Web developer with an interest in online campaigning. Former secretary of the PHP London user group.

David Singleton link
Name David Singleton; Location London; Bio Web developer at Last.fm, in London. Writes about code, music and food. Has a kitten called scrabble.

Niro Nirmalan link
Name Niro Nirmalan; Location London; Bio #Web developer, #runner, #poet, #weightlifter, #blogger, #Londoner and a totally awesome dude. True Story! My tweets are my own views unless I steal yours.

Irene Lizarraga link
Name Irene Lizarraga; Location London; Bio Web developer and market, owner of Zoodoweb, a London web development agency.

Dave Nattriss link
Name Dave Nattriss; Location London; Bio Freelance web developer/consultant interested in music, movies, technology, entertainment, London and more

Reto Meier link
Name Reto Meier; Location London; Bio I’m an Android Developer Advocate at Google, developer, and author. I know more about Flooded Member Detection than any person should.

Jonathan Kahn link
Name Jonathan Kahn; Location London; Bio Web developer, UXer, content strategy advocate. Likes basmati rice.

Eye Bee link
Name Eye Bee; Location London; Bio Small Business IT, Web Developer, WordPress Blogger

Rich Barrett-Small link
Name Rich Barrett-Small; Location London; Bio Web Developer at the V&A in London. Richard likes Django, Python, MySQL, Geo and h.264. Loves wine, classical music and long walks.

James Pamplin link
Name James Pamplin; Location London; Bio Web Developer at the BBC.

Justin Cormack link
Name Justin Cormack; Location London; Bio Open source, content management, web technology, online media

Richard Lord link
Name Richard Lord; Location London; Bio Technical architect and team lead, programming with Actionscript, Java, PHP and Javascript. Developer of Flint Particles.

Amy Thorne link
Name Amy Thorne; Location London; Bio (copy+paste)code=bad

Vinay link
Name Vinay; Location London; Bio .NET Developer.

John Stevenson link
Name John Stevenson; Location London; Bio Consultant/Coach, Lean Agile techniques – Kanban, BDD; OpenSource, Collaboration / Knowledge systems; Functional programming

Witit link
Name Witit; Location London; Bio Action Script, Java and C/C++ Programmer. Maya Graphic Designer. Studying at University of Greenwich

Andy Roberts link
Name Andy Roberts; Location London; Bio fretless bass, lean and agile methods, programming in ruby, music with a groove ….

Rich Wand link
Name Rich Wand; Location London; Bio Head of Experience Design at EMC Consulting.

Henrymori link
Name Henrymori; Location London; Bio Co-Founder @housebites. Programmer and Technology kinda guy.

Moo Yu link
Name Moo Yu; Location London; Bio Game Developer (Lucky Train, MonstrosCity, LittleBigPlanet, Ratchet & Clank)

Simon Heys link
Name Simon Heys; Location London; Bio Graphic designer and programmer.

Gareth Rushgrove link
Name Gareth Rushgrove; Location London; Bio Developer, organiser of DJUGL, general web and programming geek

Warren Keyes link
Name Warren Keyes; Location London; Bio Day Job : Principal Programmer at SCEE Otherwise: Sometime coder, frequent drinker, occasional human being. Opinions expressed are my own not my employer’s

Arno den Hond link
Name Arno den Hond; Location London; Bio Java, Android, Programming, Lojban, Atheism, Music, Architecture, Travel, Spaceflight, TV-tarian, Minimalist, Stand-up philosopher

Redcar link
Name Redcar; Location London; Bio I’m a programmer’s editor written in JRuby.

Peter Bengtsson link
Name Peter Bengtsson; Location London; Bio Python, Django, Zope developer from Sweden living and working and doing Kung Fu in London

Edward Manning link
Name Edward Manning; Location London; Bio Knowledge sponge soaking up marketing, programming and loads of other stuff. Love Twitter, can’t get enough…

Roman Losev link
Name Roman Losev; Location London; Bio Igloro is web designer/programmer based in London UK.Igloro also likes to play chess,guitar,create nice T-Shirt,Signatures,Logo and web designs.

Francesco Cesarini link
Name Francesco Cesarini; Location London; Bio Founded Erlang Solutions, co-authored Erlang Programming (O’Reilly), part time uncle & godfather and full time pointy haired boss.

David Bourget link
Name David Bourget; Location London; Bio implements Philosopher, Programmer { .. }

Nate VanderEnde link
Name Nate VanderEnde; Location London; Bio Freelance web designer, programmer and occasional illustrator.

Justin Windle link
Name Justin Windle; Location London; Bio Artist & programmer

Chris Kimpton link
Name Chris Kimpton; Location London; Bio Programming computers.. too much, and not so much Warcraft ;) , iphone/netbook/iPad addict, oh and trying to find the right time for God…

Theophile Escargot link
Name Theophile Escargot; Location London; Bio Reader. Londoner. Programmer. Twitterer.

Sam Stokes link
Name Sam Stokes; Location London; Bio CTO of @rapportive. Geek, polyglot programmer, occasional gamer, freelance software developer, maker. I love music, technology and beer.

Ivan Ristic link
Name Ivan Ristic; Location London; Bio Open source advocate, entrepreneur, writer, programmer and application security specialist.

Tomas Petricek link
Name Tomas Petricek; Location London; Bio Long time F# enthusiast, author of Real-world Functional Programming and computer science PhD student.

Steve_Hayes link
Name Steve_Hayes; Location London; Bio Agile advocate, ruby programmer, entrepreneur, perfectionist. Dad, husband, introvert (compensating)

Gerard L. Petersen link
Name Gerard L. Petersen; Location London; Bio Geek Programmer, Video Game Player, Artist, Short Form Comic Writer and soon to be successful Entrepreneur.

Marco Mazzoli link
Name Marco Mazzoli; Location London; Bio Games programmer & highly experienced lazyperson. Developer of Spirit for iPhone.

Andy Best link
Name Andy Best; Location London; Bio Interactive artist and programmer. Processing.org, OpenFrameworks, Flash/Flex, Mobile and Arduino are my bag. Also, Windows 7 was my idea.

Rob Bowley link
Name Rob Bowley; Location London; Bio Aspiring Extreme Programmer to the stars

Paul Battley link
Name Paul Battley; Location London; Bio Internet vigilante, Ruby programmer, record-breaking ukulele player, etc. 三日坊主にならないようにがんばってる。VIOLENT THREATS ARE ONLY USED FOR COMIC EFFECT & ARE NOT SERIOUS.

Ian Voyce link
Name Ian Voyce; Location London; Bio Quant developer, F# enthusiast, iOS programmer, electronica listener, UI tweaker, game player

Silvio Paganini link
Name Silvio Paganini; Location London; Bio A coffee-driven interactive programmer.

David R. MacIver link
Name David R. MacIver; Location London; Bio Sarcastically eccentric mathematician turned programmer.

Mike Taylor link
Name Mike Taylor; Location London; Bio Freelance programmer who enjoys watching stuff from around the Internet.

Krip link
Name Krip; Location London; Bio gadget guy, programmer; music, movie, food, and art lover

Andrew Godwin link
Name Andrew Godwin; Location London; Bio Programmer, python developer, and anything else interesting.

Noel Evans link
Name Noel Evans; Location London; Bio Programmer; Python, Java (, Scala). ACCU member. Rehabilitated beach junkie now down + out in London. Interests: Physical-theatre, Hemmingway + HST

Dan Singerman link
Name Karl Bunyan; Location London; Bio Programmer and founder of Join the Company

Dan Singerman link
Name Dan Singerman; Location London; Bio Programmer, Tech Entrepreneur(ish)…and I ride off. On the grass

Ismael Juma link
Name Ismael Juma; Location London; Bio Scala, JVM, programming languages, start-ups, personalisation, recommenders, innovation, scalability, performance (in no particular order) and more.

Zoleek link
Name Zoleek; Location London; Bio A programmer working on a web platform to kickstart the biggest movement in history to combat climate change, show your support follow me!

Laurie Young link
Name Laurie Young; Location London; Bio Agilist, Programmer, Dancer, Thinker, Photographer, and anything else that takes my fancy

Cassandra link
Name Cassandra; Location London;  Bio female, programmer, australian (living in London)!

Ricey link
Name Ricey; Location London;  Bio Programmer and aspiring software security guy. Just add beer.

Zack Xu link
Name Zack Xu; Location London;  Bio My interests are open source development, software practices, programming languages, cloud computing, .NET, Java & JEE, web programming, and wine tasting.

Gordon Biggans link
Name Gordon Biggans; Location London; Bio Lead Core Tech Programmer @ Splash Damage