WordPress is a powerful software which installs onto your web hosting and is used as a CMS (Content management system) - A CMS is any software which allows you to manage your website, without any programming skills.

You still ask, why should you use WordPress?

1 – WordPress is the number one choice of top web entrepreneurs to create a website and run a business (See: Websites Created with WordPress)

2 –  WordPress is a light software, which means it doesn’t put much load on your servers; your website will run fast!

3 – WordPress allows for additional functionality by the use of plugins (most plugins are free, and very useful). Anything from banner management plugin to email list gathering plugin and thousands more!

4 – Your website can change its entire look in seconds! WordPress runs on themes, which are also free as well as premium. What most people do is get free ones, and customize them to suit their needs (Customizing a theme is easy to learn, but you can always hire someone from Elance for dirt cheap to do the job for you).

5 – Thanks to WordPress themes & Plugins, your design work is cut out for you – before, you had to hire a professional designer to design each page for you; now, WordPress does it for you in literally seconds.

7 – Almost forgot to mention, WordPress is an open source software, meaning, its FREE!

8 – Installing WordPress is really easy (See Tutorial on: Create a Website using WordPress) – But make sure you have WordPress optimized Servers with the one-click install features like here.

9 – Supports a large community of developers, so if you do ever get stuck, there are plenty of wordpress forums and tutorials that are actually helpful.

10 – Requires no technical skills to start, unlike most alternatives.

Bonus: 11 – People who use it are… Sexy