If you want to sell online, or simply have a business website and you feel you are lost on what steps to take first, this post should help guide you in the right direction.

In the last post, I discussed where to sell your products other than Amazon or eBay.

I concluded that creating your very own eCommerce website to sell your products is more valuable than it might seem at first; after all, your website will stay with you as long as you want, and have minimal costs compared to selling on eBay or Amazon (plus you will now be a brand, which you can expand further, rather than just being another seller, who might get shut down for having one too many negative feedbacks!).

So, what are the steps to creating an eCommerce website?

Step 1

Get quality web site hosting here, and also get a domain name; these are the very basics you need to get up and running. Do some research before you register a domain, sometimes having a keyword within your domain name helps when you work on ranking your website in Google and other search engines – for example, if your website is selling herbs, it would be a good idea to have a keyword that people use when searching for herbs; use a free keyword research tool to guide you: Wordtracker keyword research tool can help you do this.

Step 2

Use these tutorials to create your eCommerce website - we will use an open source (free) software called WordPress to manage your website; its normally used as a blogging platform, but you can use it as a content management system, and sell your products without having technical know-how.

In this step you will be guided on installing the wordpress script (which takes one click, nothing else!) – and uploading a theme (look and feel of your website) and tells you how to install plugins (these are small pieces of code designed to add extra features to your website, also free).

Step 3

Download and install the eCommerce plugin for wordpress (free); its as simple as a couple of clicks (explained visually in step 2).

This step is not required if you do not want to sell anything on your website (you can always add ways to earn money by signing up to advertisers as well as recommending products that provide value to your readers).

Step 4

Create your product listings (use the best quality images possible, as this attracts clients and subliminally builds trust) using the eCommerce plugin and get selling!

If you have any questions or need support, please comment below and will get back to you as soon as possible! =)