Selling digital products has many advantages – everything is automated, including the delivery of your products, allowing you to focus on more important tasks such as improving the quality of your online content (provide value).

To get started you will need to have an established website – (if you don’t, consider buying hosting & a domain name from here). Other things you will need to start selling online are as follows:

Your Digital Product - You will need to have a digital product that actually provides value to whoever purchases it. If your thinking about selling an ebook, for example, it is known that the best selling ebooks are ones that solve a problem or teach you something you did not know before – so, an instructional video on teaching guitar in specific language might be a good market (as there most likely aren’t many instructional videos in different languages for guitars).

Instant Product Delivery on Auto - It is vital that you have an instant product delivery system as most people online want to receive their digital products instantly – some people like to manually email the download link of their product to the buyer; whilst this is acceptable to some buyers, it will not attract the maximum number of purchases that are done on impulse. You can use a few tools (some free, some asking for payment) to help you do this:

Clickbank – Clickbank offers ebook delivery as well as a payment processing system; although the transaction costs are slightly higher than of paypal, it is worth investing if you need a reliable ebook delivery system.

E-Junkie – This is also a subscription service, however a lot cheaper than any tool out there. From $5 a month, you can sell up to 10 different products with a storage space of 50MB. This is a great place to start if your website already has traffic and you want a quick and easy setup.

Oronjo - This is the first free service of its kind – you can upload up to 40MB per file (ebook/music/video/articles) for instant delivery.This is probably the best option for most people and it has only just launched recently. You can also use this service to give away free digital products (if your host does not allow you to sell downloads).

You can also sell articles from within your site (yet hosted securely on their server) – this is unique to Oronjo.

That said, Oronjo does have some adverts that seem a little messy and distracting; Oronjo may also start charging for some of the services they provide (not clear yet) – if you are looking to sell files larger than 40MB whilst using Oronjo (or any other similar service with upload limits) you will love my ebook titled How to Sell Large Digital Downloads for Freewhich solves all of these problems, and more – click here for more details.