When looking for Niche ideas for your website, it is not always the easiest thing – A lot of questions come to mind when looking for good business ideas, or ideas to help out other people for charity. Sometimes the question is, is there even a market for this sort of idea? will people buy? or benefit in some way?

Here are a few surefire niche which you can expand on and get inspired to find your calling, on what kind of website to start:

1. Teaching: Many people search the internet to learn. So if you can teach something, anything, its of value. If there is already a lot people teaching the same thing you know, try teaching it in another language. You dont have to know that language. You can simply hire someone to translate it, and then hire someone to verify the translation is good (make friends, meet people, and build trust). It requires hard work, but the payoffs can be great.

2. You can do the same thing for selling digital downloads of various types. For example, find something that sells great in English, then translate it, and sell your own version in another language (be aware of copyright laws, and don’t just copy it literally!).

3. If you have ever done a lot of research into a topic, like buying a home – or buying a car, or something expensive or complex – like buying a plane: you have that knowledge and know-how that is very valuable. Depending on what you know and the value of the item, you can sell your own ebook and perhaps a set of videos explaining how to do so, and sharing your knowledge (either free, or paid, or a bit of both to attract people to buy from you).

I will keep this list updated as we explore more niche market ideas for websites.