Search engine visibility is important to having your website seen by new audience – not only that, but to learn the language (words) your target audience uses (which is vital for communication) . This post is intended to start you off on how to do keyword research to increasing your web traffic – note that I give examples from a blogging perspective, however these same principles can be applied to any kind of website.

I will be using the Wordtracker keyword research tool to find keywords for my health blog – each keyword research tool will show slightly different results, but I know that Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery are the top tools for the job and will be accurate for this kind of research.

Step 1 – The topic I want to write in my health blog, is healing from cancer naturally - the problem is I don’t know what type of cancer to cover that will attract most readers – since there are several types of cancer – I enter the keyword “cancer” in my research tool and get the following results:

How to do Keyword Research

By looking at the results above, we can see that prostate cancer is the most searched; we will ignore the results for the keyword “cancer” as well as the other keyword “breast cancer awareness” – as they are not related entirely to our health topic – the next keyword in our interest is breast cancer, and then skin cancer.

What this has given me, as a health blogger, is data on topics that people search for – not only I can write my article on prostate cancer, but also write articles on the other top keywords (breast cancer, skin cancer and even lung cancer).

“Keyword Research helps your Marketing research – observing your target market’s requirements, and then fulfilling them”

Step 2Now that we know our top search keyword is “prostate cancer” – we will do a search on this exact phrase to find what in particular are people searching for when they type prostate cancer.

How to do keyword research

The above results show that people are searching for “prostate cancer symptoms” as a top search result - It seems like people want to know the possible symptoms as well as treatment options for prostate cancer; keywords such as “latest treatment on prostate cancer” and “prostate cancer treatment options” are good terms that teaches us about our target market as well as help us write a few blog posts around those topics.

It should be noted, that keyword research is not only about ranking higher in search engine results for increasing web traffic – it is much more than that – it will teach you about your audience and what words they use when they search online, which may reveal how they think, their tastes etc.. – this is vital to connect with your readers, and build a relationship.