Low Web traffic is a big problem with many new websites – if that wasn’t bad enough, its hard to find up-to-date information that teaches you how to increase web traffic! This post is aimed at blogger’s wanting to increase web traffic – however most of  the techniques here can be applied to general websites as well.

So how does a new website increase web traffic?

Before anything… you MUST BE READY FOR IT!

It’s vital that your website is ready to receive web traffic – think about it this way; this is your chance to be heard by the whole world – are the words written on your website providing value? or is this just another website trying to do the same thing as the other? Does it have that “WOW” factor that people are so hungry for?

“without having that WOW factor in your website, it is very difficult to go far even if you do have lots of web traffic coming your way”

No matter what Google does with their search engine bots (that find your websites and make them visible), or a new secret out for getting on first page of Google.com, without having that WOW factor in your website, it is very difficult to go far, even if you do have lots of web traffic coming your way.

Keyword Research

That said, a vital step to increasing your natural web traffic is Keyword Research

Keyword research will not only help you find the terms your potential readers use to search on search engines like Google.com, but also help you in getting ideas on creating those high traffic articles.

Let’s say you are writing an article on “blogging” – instead of using the term “blogging” you use “writing posts” within your blog post, as you feel that it is the best way to describe it (as well as to be different) – whilst its important to radiate your personality, its no good if most of your targeted readers use the term “blogging” instead of “writing posts” when searching it on Google or Yahoo. So your article will not generate as much natural web traffic as it could have.

How do I start keyword research to increase my web traffic?

You need a keyword research tool – a keyword research tool basically tells you how many times a particular word has been searched – although the accuracy is not exact, it is used to determine how popular a word is – So, if the words “Herbal Tea” shows 12,000 searches in a month (in your keyword research tool), and your website was appearing first page on search engine results; it does not mean you will have 12,000 visitors – it could be significantly more or less.

There are two major tools you can chose from - Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery; they both have a  free 7 day trail available. My personal choice is Wordtracker, simply because I find it easy to use and value for money.

On the next post, I will show you methods of keyword research to increase web traffic.