One of the most common questions I get asked by semi-experienced bloggers is “how to create a mini website to sell my ebook”. Creating a mini website for selling ebooks is actually very easy – but you MUST invest attention to every single detail for success (sales) – here’s how:

Step 1 -Use WordPress;  Wordpress is the fastest way to create a mini website (or any kind of website) for selling an eBook; you don’t need to know any programming to start, its as easy as installing a game on a computer.

Use the quick tutorial on Create a Website Using WordPress – it explains everything you need to do to get up and ready fast!

Step 2 – Use Oronjo for automatic delivery (free service); Oronjo is a brand new service offering a great way to setup a website to sell your ebooks or other digital products on automation. All you have to do is sign up and upload your ebook and also enter your paypal email address (so you can get paid).

You can use this service even if you want to give away your ebook for free (great for increasing your web traffic as people love freebies!). Once you have uploaded the ebook to your Oronjo account, you simply are given an HTML code which you have to copy and paste to your website (just like how you would do with a Google Adsense code).

Then a button will appear where your customers can pay and download the ebook instantly!