Search engine Google has changed the way it indexes the web and says ‘Caffeine’ produces much fresher results.

The way Google searches the web changed fundamentally this morning when it announced that its index would now be based on the “Caffeine” system it first mooted in August last year.

This means Google now updates its entire web index constantly and incrementally, rather than trawling the web over periods of about two weeks to produce an entire new index.

I personally noticed this myself 2 weeks ago whilst working on one of my new projects, as I recently registered and uploaded a website, the next day the site was visible on Google search – normally it takes 2-3 weeks for new sites (with new domains) to even show up in the searches! – Selman Ijaz -

Google is saying that this method will provide 50% fresher results than the previous system; Tom Stocky, Google’s Director of Product Management said that it paved the way for a host of new innovative services.