Creating a blog on a Website is probably the smartest move you can make if you don’t already have a blog; this is simply because search engines like Google, love websites that regularly update and add new content; which will help a lot with getting in natural web traffic to your site.

To create a blog on your website, you need a blogging platform, and the top blogging platform for this is called WordPress; so I will be showing you how to integrate a WordPress blog into an already established website.

Let’s say your domain is “” – all you have to do is create a directory (new folder) within your “public_html” folder.

The name you call this new folder will be part of the link to your blog section of your website – so I recommend you call it “Blog” or something similar – calling it blog, the link to your blog file will be “”.

So on your homepage, make sure your navigation link points to the domain which has “/blog” or whatever your new directory is called – and your done!

If your not sure how to install WordPress using the one click installation (fastest method) – please click here for the tutorial on “Creating a Website Using WordPress“.