Creating a website using WordPress is one of the most powerful (and fastest) ways of creating a professional looking website that can move mountains!

If your not sure what kind of results you can get with using WordPress - see websites created with wordpress for examples. Top web entrepreneurs use this to manage their website (whatever topic) and are earning a steady income.

Best thing is, you DONT need any technical knowledge to do this professionally – if you can install a game on your computer, or type up and save a word document, you can do this!

Step 1 - Find a reliable web hosting company – Not all have their servers fully optimized for best performance, even if they provide WordPress!

Consider signing up to the Unlimited Package for £5 a year (or $8 a year) – The only host that charges yearly and offers money back + Servers are 100% optimized for WordPress websites.

In our example of creating a website, we will use iClickster’s Web Hosting; which have fully optimized servers for the best performance of your WordPress site.

Step 2 - Once you are logged into your hosting control panel, locate the CGI scripts and find “WordPress” within the list; as shown below (highlighted in yellow) and click on it.

Step 3 - Next click “Install Now” – leave the text box empty – this only needs to be filled in if you are installing on a directory.

Step 4 - You should see the result “Your CGI Script has been installed” – Then click over the link (to your site) shown right below the notification to finalize settings.

Step 5 - Click the button “Single” for finalizing WordPress installation as highlighted in the screen shot below:

Step 6 - Fill out the appropriate details like “Site Title” – this usually is something like “” – you can change any of these details after you have set it up, but make sure your email is correct.

The User name is for logging onto your website as an editor, so you can add new content to your website (blogs, products, images etc).

Then Click “Install WordPress”.

Step 7 - It should display a “Success!” notification as shown below; click on the “Log In” button to login with your details. Your username and password should also be messaged to you via email should you ever need to refer to it again.

Step 8 - Enter your login details and click “Log In” - For reference, if you want to login to this again, you just have to add “/wp-admin” to the ending of your domain for example:

Step 9 - You should now be logged into your website “Dashboard” where you can manage your website (easy wasn’t it?).

If you go to your website such as – you should see the default theme of your website – you can change this theme (the entire look of your website) under “Appearance” tab, and selecting “Themes”. It allows you to upload themes directly and activate them instantly.

Now all you have to do is search Google for “WordPress Themes” to find the right look for your website – there are thousands of free themes, as well as paid themes.

I highly recommend using the free themes, and customizing them to suit your requirements; we will cover how to customize WordPress themes in the coming next few tutorials.

The last time I recommended this to a client, they worried if their website won’t look “unique” if they use free WordPress themes.

I explained that all themes can be customized to such a large extent, they will not look the same after you are done working on it; for example, simply by changing the header (logo) of the theme and colour codes, you will have a dramatically different look then the original.