Succeeding online is all about the people you know (who are open to teaming up with you). If your looking for a programmer to hire, or someone technical to team up within Brighton; then look no further than the list below (not in any specific order) - handpicked by iClickster’s team of experts (they offer multiple website hosting at the lowest prices) – Third Party WordPress Host Reviews Rated them too. 

A story I would like to share about the power of teamwork and unity:

Once upon a time in a village, there lived a father and his eight sons. They worked in their field from early morning till late evening, very hard and lived happily in prosperity.

But the father was sad about a particular habit of his children; they always quarreled among themselves, and never worked together to help each other in the chores of their household.

The father decided to teach them a lesson, and called everyone and brought a huge pile of twigs.

He then asked his first son to take 1 twig and break it in half; the son followed instructions and broke the twig. The father then asked his son to pick up 2 twigs together, and break them – the son looking confused, followed instructions, and managed to break it. The father asked a third time, to add a third twig, which the son carried without much effort.

Then the father gave him a big pile of twigs, and asked to break them altogether – each son made several attempts into breaking the twig pile but never managed to even bend the pile!

The father said: Unite like these twigs, and you will be UNBREAKABLE!

Teaming up will not only accelerate success, but make your goals unbreakable!

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Jeremy Keith link
Bio An Irish web developer living and working in Brighton, England.

Dave Pook link
Bio Longhair web developer

Andy Galletly link
Bio web developer / artist / filmmaker / glitchologist

Simon Holywell link
Bio I am a web developer living in Brighton. I like motorbikes a lot.

Peter Pavement link
Bio Designer, web developer, editor, curator etc etc. MD of Surface Impression.

Jonathan Markwell link
Bio App developer building on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & iPhone using Ruby, Rails, JavaScript and other web tech. Founder of @DevNest @BootCycle & @TheSkiff.

Premasagar Rose link
Bio Web apps engineer & consultant, into JavaScript + social innovation. Founder of @dharmafly & @asyncjs. ~ Here w/ @roshnii & Surya. ~ Code:

superlative link
Bio Twenty-something web developer with a healthy interest in vodka and cute boys

Tristan Bailey link
Bio penitent misanthrope and senior web developer. Tweet alot about analytics, marketing, web2.0 business, php, python and Brighton

Arthur Guy link
Bio Freelance Web Developer and Electronics Engineer living in Brighton

Alexander Dawson link
Bio Web Designer, Software Developer, SitePoint Elf, Geek Writer, Published Author, Learnable Teacher and so much more!

Dasha link
Bio Web developer at, T-shirt designer at, Lover of accessible design.

Stoo Goff link
Bio Programmer, writer, musician. In that order.

Michael Bailey link
Bio WordPress web developer.. themes, plugins; html, css, php, JavaScript, jQuery, mysql, apache, web admin.

James Hannett link
Bio Former student, current web/iPhone developer.

James Stewart link
Bio Web developer, occasional concert promoter, Londoner, blogger, etc.

Sam Waterhouse link
Bio .Net Web Developer in Brighton, UK

Elliot Theis link
Bio Entrepreneur, web designer, web developer, ruby on rails developer, & technology enthusiast (especially Apple!)

Hazlitt Eastman link
Bio Web developer, PHP, MySQL, XHTML/CSS, WordPress, Codeigniter, Drupal, IT Consultant, Scuba Diver, Cyclist

Mark Chidlow link
Bio Tech entrepreneur & web/mobile application developer. Looking out for my next venture – contact me if you want to collaborate!

Gareth Brown link
Bio Web Developer & Anime Fan

Helen Natasha Moore link
Bio Reiki Master/Teacher, Web developer, graphic designer, drummer.

Conal Cram link
Bio Web developer and social marketing specialist, based in Brighton and Hove.

George Bashi link
Bio Android, Rails and Flex developer. I enjoy long walks on the beach, refactoring, and the Observer pattern.

Glenn Jones link
Bio Web designer and developer

Ben Collier link
Bio Mobile App Developer & HTML5 / CSS3 Web Designer on the sunny south coast! I like Dinosaurs.

Kevin Edwards link
Bio Freelance Developer #rubyonrails #iPhone #Brighton

David Pashley link
Bio Freelance Linux sysadmin and developer living and work in Brighton. Owner of CodingCraft Ltd.

Graham Johnston link
Bio Web developer / info architect / parent / wibbly wobbly music enthusiast / current affairs junkie / pro-rationalist.

Steve Holden link
Bio Geek (I’m a programmer and sysadmin at the University of Brighton), cyclist, vegan cake lover.

Jamie Matthews link
Bio Web engineer (mostly). Also interested in: music, photography, evolutionary biology.

Tom Dallaway link
Bio Freelance web developer, sound designer, beat creator, wearer of hats and swisher of swords.

Karn Bianco link
Bio Game Programmer, Writer, Gleek, Wolverine lookalike

Laura Paterson link
Bio Developer, designer, pragmatist

Alex Farran link
Bio Freelance web developer –

Ethan Resnick link
Bio 17 year old. user experience designer + web developer. sabermetric enthusiast. perpetually behind on my rss. too much caffeine, not enough sleep.

Justin Wanstall link
Bio Self taught web designer and developer with a passion for CSS, web standards and accessibility.

Luke Morton link
Bio Web Developer and general thinker.

Five Minute Argument link
Bio Web developer and designer specialising in usability, accessibility, and CSS. I blog about a range of web issues and publish a series of CSS & HTML tutorials.

Simon D’Urso link
Bio Super funky programmer with crazy ideas and no common sense.

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