When I first started blogging – I was so excited – but that excitement died off after a few months and I stopped paying much attention to my blog. Was it lack of passion?

Certainly not, I was passionate about the subject I was writing about – what was letting me down was my frame of mind – Why? Because I did not know the definition of calibration.

Steve Pavlina defined it perfectly:

In personal development terms,  calibration is the process of progressively refining your thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors until you shift your equilibrium to the point where you can consistently achieve the results you desire.

In blogging – this means you simply practice blogging (writing more and more posts) and pay consistent attention to your writing – over some time your blogs will become refined, and more aligned with your goals. Why do you think they say perseverance always prevails? Why do you think they say practice always makes perfect?

So, if you are frustrated from the lack of results from blogging (or anything else for that matter) – KEEP PRACTICING! Do not give up, because each time you go to the ┬átable to write up a new post, you are progressing!

Some people need to make 200-300 posts to have a good calibration going – some even 500 posts depending on how good they are at writing – so set yourself a good challenging goal. Remember, even amending your old posts and improving them also counts!